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Jaguar XJ6 Series One With Black Steelies

Jaguar XJ6 Series One – Sir William Lyon’s Masterpiece

The Jaguar XJ6 has not always been loved and has not always been regarded as a bone fide classic. But that is changing – fast. A look at the values of these low slung beauties shows that they are on the up.

You often hear that the first version of a particular model is the most collectible and this couldn’t be more true of the XJ6. The Series One from 1968 to 1973 is without doubt the one to have. It was the version that was truest to Jaguar supremo Sir William Lyon’s genius vision and it was launched before Jaguar was absorbed into the horrendous monolith of UK car manufacturing British Leyland.

So, the XJ6 Series One is a beauty and a fascinating car. But, like we always say, there isn’t a car built that can’t be improved by a set of black steelies, and this photo proves it. PS. Lowering it helps too!

Black But Not Steel: Fiat 2300 Coupe

Fiat 2300 Coupe

Thanks to BlackSteelies reader Gert for reminding us of the beauty of the Fiat 2300 coupe and for sending this great image of a lowered example sporting black wheels – it looks ready for anything.

The 2300 coupe is a very elegant car and even looks good without black wheels!

Fiat 2300 Coupe

For a final word on the 2300 Coupe check out this gorgeous video on Petrolicious: Did he really say “…a little island inside the ocean of technology and modernity”. I want that on a t-shirt!

Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti

Ok, now that we have finally got that Delorean monkey off our backs we can get back to more regular posts. And what better way to get things rolling along again than to introduce a new car to the BlackSteelies stable. I present our 1968 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Ti.

The little car is turning out to be quite the media darling with a starring role in the Our Cars section of our sister website

Eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed that the car does not currently sport black steel wheels. This is being rectified post haste.



Delorean Trifecta Part One: “Fitz and Van do it all”

Pontiac_Grand_Prix_Coupe_1962_by_AF-VKThere’s a theme running through the next three posts we’re bringing you, namely Mr John Z Delorean.

First up here’s the story of the fabulous artists Art Fitzpatrick and Van Kaufman who were employed by Pontiac to create beautiful, aspirational images for ads and brochures. In the sixties most car companies were turning to photography to promote their wares, but Pontiac bucked the trend and used the prodigiously talented pair to conjure up sumptuous images the old fashioned way; with a paint brush. Continue reading

Oh My: Our Dream 356

Porsche 356 Steel Wheels

Porsche 356 Steel Wheels

Porsche 356 Steel Wheels Rear

Porsche 356 Steel Wheels Rear

If this little three-fifty-six does nothing for you then you are very clearly on the wrong website.

Thanks to Paul.