Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti

Ok, now that we have finally got that Delorean monkey off our backs we can get back to more regular posts. And what better way to get things rolling along again than to introduce a new car to the BlackSteelies stable. I present our 1968 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Ti.

The little car is turning out to be quite the media darling with a starring role in the Our Cars section of our sister website

Eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed that the car does not currently sport black steel wheels. This is being rectified post haste.



2 thoughts on “Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti

  1. Paul Cuenin

    Looks great in white. I am sure the black steelies will set it off well. I really love giulias and would love to own one someday. Great site by the way! How many miles on this baby? Looks like she is in pretty good shape.

    1. admin

      Thanks Paul.

      Yes the Giulia is in pretty good shape. The PO built it up from a bare shell and dropped a 2l engine in so it goes pretty well – just got to make it stop well too!



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