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Delorean Trifecta Part One: “Fitz and Van do it all”

Pontiac_Grand_Prix_Coupe_1962_by_AF-VKThere’s a theme running through the next three posts we’re bringing you, namely Mr John Z Delorean.

First up here’s the story of the fabulous artists Art Fitzpatrick and Van Kaufman who were employed by Pontiac to create beautiful, aspirational images for ads and brochures. In the sixties most car companies were turning to photography to promote their wares, but Pontiac bucked the trend and used the prodigiously talented pair to conjure up sumptuous images the old fashioned way; with a paint brush. Continue reading

Just Before we Move on from Lancia Sedans

We just have to show you the little Fulvia Berlina. This car is the absolute exemplification of the term jewel-like. This is the automotive equivalent of an Officine Panerai watch with its precise engineering, delicate detailing and understated class – oh what class.

Here’s a tip for any emerging Hollywood starlet. Buy a Fulvia Berlina and swan around Beverly Hills in it. The kudos would be deafening.

Lancia Fulvia Berlina Rally

Lancia Fulvia Berlina Rally

Lancia Fulvia Berlina

Lancia Fulvia Berlina



And the Winner is…

Thanks to everyone who entered our competition. I am pleased to say that we have a winner.

The answer to the question, what was Lauda’s road car as shown in the Rush movie trailer is………a fantastic Lancia 2000 Berlina. This has got our juices flowing and I feel a Flavia/2000 post come up very soon.