Alfa Giulia SS: Oh Yess

Alfa Giulia SS


A quick post for a Friday night. The impossibly pretty Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale sitting proudly on a set of steel wheels – what else?

3 thoughts on “Alfa Giulia SS: Oh Yess

  1. Tony240Z

    Lovely, lovely, lovely. For some reason Italian cars always look great on steelies, though I’m a fan of body coloured wheels. Speaking of which…

    Here’s a picture from the Mercedes-Benz Museum Facebook page. I love how these 300SLs look on steelies.

  2. E Seoane

    Are you sure those are steelies? Many high-end, sporty Alfas of that era had bimetallic wheels – a steel centre with an alloy rim riveted to it. These look quite similar to the typical bimetallic ones fitted to SZ – but I may be wrong.

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