Jaguar XJ6 Series One With Black Steelies

Jaguar XJ6 Series One – Sir William Lyon’s Masterpiece

The Jaguar XJ6 has not always been loved and has not always been regarded as a bone fide classic. But that is changing – fast. A look at the values of these low slung beauties shows that they are on the up.

You often hear that the first version of a particular model is the most collectible and this couldn’t be more true of the XJ6. The Series One from 1968 to 1973 is without doubt the one to have. It was the version that was truest to Jaguar supremo Sir William Lyon’s genius vision and it was launched before Jaguar was absorbed into the horrendous monolith of UK car manufacturing British Leyland.

So, the XJ6 Series One is a beauty and a fascinating car. But, like we always say, there isn’t a car built that can’t be improved by a set of black steelies, and this photo proves it. PS. Lowering it helps too!

To see how this beautiful Jaguar really looks without the Photoshopped lowering job here is and image of taken in the car park of BA Creative a web design agency in Brisbane.

Jaguar XJ6 Series 1

Right Up Our Strasse: MB 250c

After an over-long hibernation we’re back with regular (or at least semi-regular) posts. This recent auction on the always excellent caught our eye. Check it our here:¬†



Fiat 500 TwinAir

Birds of a Feather

Look what parked next to the BlackSteelies Alfa Giulia in the carpark. This little cutie is packing the fantastic TwinAir engine so it’s a hoot to drive and sounds like a thoroughbred – albeit a baby one.

Web Design Brisbane

Lots of people (two, actually one person twice – it was me!) have asked me who did we get to build the Black Steelies website. My first response is disappointment because we wanted the thrown-together look and we wouldn’t describe the site as ‘built’ at all. But, credit where credit is due, we should acknowledge the work of the peerless crew at BA Creative. Their Web Design Brisbane service is first rate and we got exactly what we wanted.

Good work team.

Chris Harris v Alfa Giulia Super

Alfa Giulia Super Chris Harris YouTubeAlfaGiuliaSuperYouTube

We like Chris Harris and we like Ford Falcons (see so we were happy to settle down and watch him roar around Spa in a lovely ’64 coupe (it’s not a ’63 Chris) on YouTube. Then came the bonus side-story of him pedalling a beautifully prepared Giulia Super and we were hooked.

Chris is famous for his fish-tailling antics in the world’s most glamourous machines. So imagine the joy in watching him achieve impossible angles in a cute little Alfa while scraping door handles with Lotus Cortinas and Mini Coopers – in fact don’t imagine, what it here: Retro Cool: Spa 6hrs in a Ford Falcon