Monthly Archives: July 2013

Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti

Ok, now that we have finally got that Delorean monkey off our backs we can get back to more regular posts. And what better way to get things rolling along again than to introduce a new car to the BlackSteelies stable. I present our 1968 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Ti.

The little car is turning out to be quite the media darling with a starring role in the Our Cars section of our sister website

Eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed that the car does not currently sport black steel wheels. This is being rectified post haste.



Delorean Trifecta Part Three: Pop Tribute

And here it is, the final installment in our overly drawn out Delorean triple-header.

We’ve been reading a lot about John Delorean lately, his name keeps cropping up all over the place. But we were really surprised to hear that an entire album has been dedicated to him – a Delorean concept album, how cool is that, a collection of great songs telling the story of a Motor City legend. And it is excellent too.

And to top it off one of the founding members of the band behind the record is none other than greatest-living-Welshman Gruff Rhys – he of Super Furry Animals fame and a legend at BlackSteelies HQ.

So for your listening please we present Stainless Style by Neon Neon –