Am I Right or Am I Right or Am I Right

I might be alone in my crazed advocacy of the black steel wheel, but this website will aim to convert the unenlightened and enfranchise any fellow travelers out there.

To start with I should show you what I’m on about. Here’s a grab bag of random examples – don’t they look spiffing?

Mercedes Benz SL with Black Steel Wheels

1968 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti

1968 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti



Sunbeam Tiger With Black Steel Wheels



20 thoughts on “Am I Right or Am I Right or Am I Right

  1. Toxicarl

    Love the website!
    You know, back in the fifties, when I was kid, the saying was “Paint the rims red, makes it go faster!”
    I may go out and pop off my hubcaps and get a spray can of black paint. What do you recommend – flat, satin or gloss?!!

    1. admin

      Thanks for the comment.
      Personal preference is satin – but as long as it is black you can’t go wrong!

    1. admin

      Thanks for the comment.

      I don’t hate beauty rings – or wheel embellishers as they are known in the UK (true!) – but the unadorned steelie is my fav.

      I love the Pheobe with the steelies. Can I use a picture of here on this blog?

  2. AK

    This is the strangest obsession in car design (including Sbarro vehicles and Fiat Multipla) I’ve ever witnessed. But keep going and maybe I’ll hop on..

  3. Jason

    I run black steelies on my 2003 Passat wagon and 2003 Honda Odyssey for the winter. I love they way they look. They give the vehicle a tough looking, down to business stance. If I could find 18 inch steelies for my yellow VW GTI, they would be riding my performance summer tires.

  4. Tim

    For the USA section.
    Yes, black steelies make all things better. I don’t mind a factory hub cap that covers part of the wheel, but some black steelies need to show. Like on an FJ40 for example.

    Here are a couple of shots I’ve taken of cars with Black Steel wheels.

    They have a hubcap, but still. (Plus I think they are dark green.)

    1. admin

      Thank you Tim.
      Love your images. Can I use the Camaro one – even though I think you’re right, they are green wheels. Maybe I should start a new site called!

  5. Burke

    Love the site! True eye candy. Any plan for a Facebook page? Would make it handy to keep up with your site. Keep up the great work.

  6. Larry

    Great site, thanks for posting thsome great pics. Several of my cars have sported a set of black steelies, and they definitely looked the business. Not sure I’m ready to agree that *every* car looks better with a set of black steelies, but the idea is growing on me…

    1. admin

      Very cool, thank you Daniel. Reminds me of another chopped R-R that was used in a British sit-com in the 80s – we’ll see if we can track it down.


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