Subaru Love Pt1: Legacy in Winter Clothes

Subaru Black Steelies

Subaru Black Steelies

Don’t be concerned about the condition of this Subie. This is a breed that thrives on this kind of treatment, in fact it’s cruel not to treat a Subaru like this.

Thanks to Captain Ned.

1 thought on “Subaru Love Pt1: Legacy in Winter Clothes

  1. jom.n

    Hi there! I simply love JDM style. I wonder if you’re considering making a line of Vynil/Decals with the ‘’ logo. If so, would you allow me to do so for mine? I have them on an unsual base. It’s a ’99 Hyundai Coupe 1.6 Fx. With your permission I may send some pictures after the decals are made.
    Many tks !!
    BLACKSteelies FTW !
    Cheers from Portugal

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