Family Truckster: 240 on Steelies

Regular reader and competition entrant Bryant has sent in a picture of his cool Volvo Wagon.

Volvo 240

Volvo 240

Thanks Bryant – we’re looking forward to post suspension work updates.

1 thought on “Family Truckster: 240 on Steelies

  1. thesam1984

    I have done many cars with the steelies. The cars theme determines the color however
    1994 Dodge Shadow ES 4-door white (15″ black steelies) painted red/white/blue AMC Hornet S/C tribute (15″ blue steelies w/ Ford red pinstripe trim ring)
    1988 GMC Sierra 1500 long bed victory red/black wood two-toning (15″ 9C1 police steelies with trim ring and center cap)
    1990 Buick Century Custom sedan “T-Type clone” silver/cast iron two-tone (14″ cast iron steelies with painted silver trim rings)
    1982 Mercedes-Benz 300SD dark brown/palaminto two-tone (silver styled cast steelies)

    I have had several rat rods with steelies painted red and thick whitewalls – Volvo 240 sedan/VW EuroVan MV/Buick Century sedan

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