Disqualified But Lovely: Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro

Anyone spot why this delectable Camaro should not be on this site?

Thanks to Tim – soaztim.com

4 thoughts on “Disqualified But Lovely: Camaro

  1. Tony240Z

    Perhaps it’s because its steelies aren’t exactly black… And they have hubcaps on them. Love the American Iron on classic dog dish wheels.

    Thank goodness this ’69 Camaro isn’t a red or blue Z28 replica, it looks spectacular in dark green. In fact this shade looks a lot like Buick Sherwood Green, my favourite GM colour from that period.

    1. admin

      Well spotted Tony. We’re toying with the idea of starting a new site called greensteelies.com but that might be a niche too far!

  2. Tony240Z

    Thanks. If there’s an interested audience, then I’d say go for it! Though in this case I do have my reservations… 😉

  3. King

    you should change it to allsteelies.com

    that way you an post all the steelie pron you want- from black to paint matched bottle green 😀

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